Friday, March 13, 2009

stop it Luis!

Dodging street car tracks and morning delivery trucks, the shortcut through augusta takes me past the skeletal remains of a peugeot and the scaffolding bike stands of a delayed renovation.

The fond memories of vegetarian days gone by are covered in brown kraft paper, and the empty crates call for the morning delivery from the ontario food terminal.

Its been two weeks since i've taken this detour, and as I approach the stop sign on Baldwin, a leaning vintage with a eye catching blue front facelift greets me with Luis.

"Luis coffee stop" an iconic coffeeshop on the corner which on a friday morning gives a great three way outlook for the cycle and pedestrian chic.

A great mix of sights, sounds and smells, and depending on the time of day, fresh bread or fresh fish will pair up with freshly brewed Reunion Island Cinnamon and Honey Americanos.